Your favorite 6SN7 tubes for the Tono violin

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Re: Your favorite 6SN7 tubes for the Tono violin

Postby brady » Mon Feb 02, 2009 11:39 am

ok lang ... got a pair for $100. I prefer the Tungsol as VA in my previous 300B. But my current 300B does not use 6SN7 anymore ... a 2A3 in the works won't also use that tube. Maybe later ... to drive an SE pentode which doesn't require much brawn. Our friend in Tisa laughs every time I bring up that tube ... :)
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Re: Your favorite 6SN7 tubes for the Tono violin

Postby BingoDelMar » Mon Feb 02, 2009 12:50 pm

Personally am not really fond of octals on pre-amp tubes anyway...

Did u see him lately? Reur SE pentodes is it up and going? Basin makalugar ko would like to have a listen to it...

OT: Mr. Mod my apology.... Thanks.
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Re: Your favorite 6SN7 tubes for the Tono violin

Postby conspicuous » Wed Feb 22, 2017 2:11 pm

How about the rectifier? Has any one tube rolled the rectifier (5Y3)? What sonic differences are there in any? It would seem that the 6SN7 would have a more pronounced change in sound from tube to tube compared to the rectifier.

TonoMan wrote:I've been asked which tubes are "best" for the Tono violin. Well, I like a lot of them...but mostly NOS. We use the russian tubes as stock on the Tono violin because they are cheap and considered "best-sounding current production 6SN7". Tube-rolling with NOS is advisable on the Tono violin. VD's personal favorites are highlighted in red.

Here's a ranking from TubeWorld. Note where the russian tubes are (bottom of list :-( )- consistent with Patman's observations. Net, tube-roll!!!

ECC33=CV2821 Mullard (direct 6SN7GT equivalent, superb sound, the best overall, 1950's)
ECC32=CV181 Mullard (can be used in certain applications in place of a 6SN7, superb sound, 1950's)
6SN7W Sylvania "chrome top" 1940's (metal base and black base)
6SN7GT/GTB/WGT Sylvania "chrome top" 1940's-1950's
CV1988=6SN7GT/GTY Brimar England 1950's and early 1970's (Y=brown base)
6SN7WGT Raytheon ribbed plates 1950's

VT-231=6SN7GT Sylvania, Tungsol, Ken Rad, RCA 1940's
5692 RCA Red Base (early 1950's are best)
5692 CBS-Hytron and Sylvania Brown Base (1957-early 1960's)
6SN7GT/WGT Tungsol 1950's-1960's
6SN7GT Ken Rad
6SN7GTA GE early 1950's (black plate)
6SN7GT RCA early 1950's
6SN7GTB Sylvania late 1950's-1970's
6SN7GTB RCA late 1950's-1960's

6SN7GTB GE side-getter late 1950's-1975
6SN7WGTA Philips USA made by Sylvania 1970's-1980's
6SN7GTB RCA, Sylvania, GE coin-base 1970's-1980's
6SN7GTB Japan 1970's
6SN7 Russian (harsh highs, thin sounding)
6SN7 Chinese (junk, do not use)"
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Re: Your favorite 6SN7 tubes for the Tono violin

Postby Patman » Fri Jul 28, 2017 1:58 pm

For rectifiers on the violin, I had very good results on the RCA 5U4G (coke bottle tube). The bass was tighter and more layered. The rectifier provides the foundation signature. Then your 6SN7 will be the icing on that foundation.
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