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Postby Jervill » Tue Jul 22, 2014 10:07 am

I was looking at this thread and realised its slowed down yet I see a lot of Pinoy projects in Diyaudio's photo gallery. :o Lets redress the balance. These have been posted before in other forums I frequent and my System's thread here but I want to encourage this thread so I can sneak a peek at what the DIY kabayans are up to :)

Here's my project. A low power 845 SE using all DHT. Input is a modern 102d RC to 2a3/45 IT coupled to the 845. The OP of the 845 is 540v, -69v, 65ma, fixed bias, 5k OPT. Drivers are pulling about 24ma with 240v on the plate. 845 and 45/2a3 on AC filaments. The 102d is on DC. Rectifier is a GZ37. A 5r4gy can also be used with a resulting lower B+, but I prefer the slower start up of the GZ37, the DC filament supply of the 102d takes awhile to get up to voltage.

Finished amp. It's running 45s as drivers now instead of 2a3. It can take both. The volume knob is a facade. It's only there to accommodate a volume pot in the future if i decide. As is, its a power amp.

The back end. It's made from three Hammond chassis bolted together. The horizontal tx at the back are the IT (126b) All Tx are Hammonds.

All HT rectification, bias supply and filament transformers are in the middle chassis, away from the signal. Not seen on the photos are 7pin iec sockets on each side. Bias, cathode voltage and plate voltages are probed from here. It's too heavy to keep flipping over to probe. :devil:

Hope this gets the ball rolling again. :geek: I'm trying to maintain the momentum from Gino's post :angel:
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