FLAC, ALAC & the Ipod system - How to manage?

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Re: FLAC, ALAC & the Ipod system - How to manage?

Postby egay » Sun Mar 17, 2013 7:06 am

egay wrote:
JoeyGS wrote:And me.... I am using the windows environment

For windows, I am staying with WMA & FLAC...

but since I bought a Mac, I decided to try iTunes and ALAC and I like it even better not only for SQ but especially for managing my collections and getting the right album cover (when available in the apple library, I guess). I am now RE-RIPPING (no conversions) my collection and am at 100GB at the moment (and still going on).

I think you can play WMA & FLAC in ITunes but with additional codecs (?). I don't like using "additional" anything so I use either iTunes or VLC; I discarded all my WMAs and retained my MP3s, WAV, & FLACs. I play my WAVs & FLACs using VLC and MP3s & ALACs via iTunes (and in my iPod for mobile needs). Passing through the same DAC, the SQs are almost the same.

I made a very negative post in one of my threads regarding iTunes because I was so frustrated THEN... I realized I had ALL my files (i.e. WAVs, FLACs, WMA) converted into ALAC and THAT REALLY SUCKED... I mean, stupidly sucked! I had since corrected myself and re-ripped. I am happier. :clap:

Oh, BTW, I still have windows machines (W8 now) and I still hear my Mac sound better.
I don't know the technicalities but I am happy.
If you want the techy part, login to HYDROGEN AUDIO and read some of the most ... ().... discussions I've ever encountered concerning computer audio. well, they did help me.


I've discarded ALAC and gone AIFF for apple environment.
I kept WAV & FLAC, discarded WMA for more flexibility in my system

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