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Postby mandym » Sun May 17, 2009 3:32 pm


Much experimentation has been and are being done re the transmission of vibrations from the cartridge to the headshell, to the tonearm, etc. In the more recent past, a cart interface called the "Isolator" caused a stir. The metal-backed layer of plastic foam sold well in spite of its steep price. There are other interfaces like brass, "specially-formulated" metal, special foams, etc. If one is to gage their efficacies, I would guess that they all affect the sound by virtue of their proximity to the sphere of activity!

I've long been wondering that if one is inclined to participate in the interface fad, what material properties might he consider desirable?
Here are my guesses:
1. The material must be reasonably firm. I think plastic and rubber foams allow too much cart movement.
2. The material should be absorptive.
3. The material should be non-resonant.
4. The material should not be too heavy.
5. Non-magnetic?

Well, deep within the moldy vaults of my dungeon, such a material has been waiting to see sunlight. To my knowledge, it has never been tried before. PRESENTING....


There are now two field testers on the ready to evaluate them. I can make 2 more units in case two more trailblazers want to volunteer.
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Postby kabubi » Sun May 17, 2009 5:04 pm


me please, Maestro :)
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