VSA Official Price List:

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VSA Official Price List:

Postby keith » Mon Feb 06, 2006 11:17 am

Here are the suggested Philippine retail prices as of Feb 2006:

Retail Line

VR-1 Reference Studio Monitor P 53,000
VR-1 Stands P 13,250
VR-2 Floorstander P 132,500
VR-4jr Double Stacked Monitors P 212,000
VR-LCR 15 center P 39,750
TS-150 Di/Monopole Surrounds P 58,300
VR- S/1 Powered Sub P 79,500

Reference Line

VR-4 Gen III Hovland Special Edition P 318,000
VR-4 Gen IV SR P 424,000 Red Cherry, African Hazelwood
P 530,000 Ebony,Sycamore
DB99 High Dynamics Floorstander P 662,500 New US Price
DB99 Ribbon Supertweeter P 132,500 NEW!
VR-5 SE To Be Announced - Coming Soon
VR-7 SE Signature Reference P 1,908,000 New US Price
VR-9 SE Custom Reference P 3,180,000
VR-11 XTC Statement loudspeaker P 6,360,000
LCR-40 Ref Center Channel P 159,000
TS-350 Ref Surrounds P 106,000
VR-S/3 Ref Subwoofer P 143,100
VR-S7 Statement Subwoofer P 424,000 NEW!
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