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OB 15"+8" fullrange(?)+supertweeter

PostPosted: Sun Sep 09, 2018 8:58 am
by Ozziozzi
I am building an OB in form of U frame for bass driver, tapering to very shallow sides for fullrange and tweeter. I am not concerned with very high volumes so am considering following drivers in the shown ranges.
15" EVM-15L 40-240hz, Magnavox 8" 8WR 70s vintage paper cone 240-10khz, maybe 2" Harman Kardon from Apple computer 10-20+khz OR small horn supertweeters same range.

My questions:

1. I have noticed that several posters on this forum prefer to let bass drivers play fullrange with no crossover. I have listened to the EV 15" played by itself and it seems smooth until its natural rolloff from about 2khz--looks on published graphs like 6dB/oct acoustic rolloff. Has anyone tried crossing over this high to fullrange/midrange despite dire warnings from many other forums to avoid XO to midrange in the "speech" range 200-3khz?

2. I am debating minimal crossover component count versus complexity. With gradual rolloff slopes of all drivers and large overlaps of ranges, can I get away with first-order XOs probably with Lpads to match sensitivities of FR and tweeter?
Has anyone REALLY heard the bad effects of a XO in the 200-3kHz range, especially with shallow slopes and well-behaved drivers?

Any and all comments appreciated.


Vintage EV 15"+Vintage 8" Magnavox 8WR+Foster FT17 tweeter

PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, 2018 5:05 pm
by Ozziozzi
Perhaps if I add in the word Vintage before my post someone might reply. Or are there only 17 people still watching wiredstate OB threads? Please see earlier post for my very general questions.