SOS: Need to change P-mount cart (P24) for my Technics Sl-q2

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SOS: Need to change P-mount cart (P24) for my Technics Sl-q2

Postby WireTrain » Mon Feb 07, 2005 8:51 am

Sir Lito,

Gudam po sir, I need your help badly. I have these Techncs Sl-q20 P-mount cart (P24 is the model of the cart), my problem is i cannot replace it with a shure stylus. Even the M92E do not fit on it. Can I replace its cart? So as to be able to use a shure cart? I went and brought my TT to your Audiophile branch in MCS, but still no luck. Can I bring it in your Paco branch and see it personally to what and how can you fix it?

Since I do have a 2 pcs of 447 and 55E stylus, sayang naman if I can't use these sa technics, sayang, napakalinis pa naman nitong technics ko. My Pioneer PL-560 is the one using my 447.

Thank you po sir and hope to hear from you soon!

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