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Introducing Sensible

PostPosted: Fri Oct 08, 2004 4:12 am
by sensible
With the help of good friends like Zac and Raffy, we have been granted this spot to promote our products to the ever growing numbers of Pinoydiophiles here and abroad.

In the upcoming Audio Fair at the Mandarin Hotel on Nov. 6 and 7, we shall introduce some of the latest Audio Research products.

Audio Research has been the leader in audio tube technology since the early 80s. Headed by owner and designer, Bill Johnson, they started a modest electronic service like some of our good friends here, servicing and modifying tube equipment in particular the Dynacos of David Hafler.
With their own expertise, the business florished under the name Audio Research emphasizing on a benchmark that they are famous for which is "high definition."

Since ARC is our main line, thought that that short narrative would be of interest.

In the Audio Fair, the new ARC products shown would be:
1. VM220 - this is an off shoot of the highly reviewed Vs55 and Vs110
however balanced connection is provided
2. Ls-25mk2, a breath away from the flagship Ref2mk2 preamp
3. Vsi55 - destined to be an audio legend, utilizing Ref2's parameters
and Vs55 amplifier section - sound is musical and dynamic at
an affordable price to be anounced shortly.
4. Vs55 - smallest of the amps but very well reviewed.
5. Ph-5 - hybrid tube phono stage with remote controlled impedance
On the digital front end, the Musical Fidelity X-Ray V3 will be used.
For analog, it is hoped that a new thorens turntable would be available.
Nitty Gritty record cleaning machines would be displayed.
Let us leave you in suspense as to the speaker that we shall be hearing.

See you at the Fair and please visit our shop at the Makati Cinema Square.
Maraming Salamat

PostPosted: Fri Oct 08, 2004 8:11 am
by zach
Ey lito congrats on your new little nook! now i don't have to go all the way to paco to check out your stuff. haha. you can just post them here! ayus! :)

PostPosted: Fri Oct 08, 2004 1:30 pm
by vintage_dog
congrats lito and hope to meet you at the Hifi Show!

PostPosted: Tue Oct 19, 2004 9:30 pm
by jadis
Great to see your products updated here. Lito. From the guy who introduced me to the
Cantatas ( that was how you called Cantate Domino then, in the true vernacular ), my
heartfelt joy in seeing you here. After all, most of my ARCs came from you. :)