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PostPosted: Mon Feb 04, 2008 8:25 pm
by sensible

The news is true, Bill Johnson the owner and founder had indeed sold his majority holdings at Audio Research which he steered to the very peak of high end audio for decades, to Quadrivio, an Italian conglomerate who had also aquired Sonus Faber!
Mr. Johnson continues as the honorary chairman but this means the grand old man of high end audio now rests his laurels.
For all the Audio Research fans and users here in the Philippines, we are assured that there won't be any changes since autonomy by the new owners is granted and the staff and management and research teams continue at their posts. Since we enjoy very good relations with the
staff, one of whom had assumed the Presidency, be assured that products. parts and services will be as usual.
The last factory visit there by one of our distinguished ARC user, Dr. Luigi Lira of Batangas, was a memorable event to them and was highly appreciated.
Lito Gelano