FS: Cryogenically Treatred [CRyoset] Svet 6550C etc

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FS: Cryogenically Treatred [CRyoset] Svet 6550C etc

Postby sensible » Mon Feb 04, 2008 7:33 pm

Sorry Sold Out! End your hunger for hard to find and expensive NOS tubes! Cryogenically treated tubes have the same lush midrange, the right highs and the dynamic bass as those NOS and available at low prices:
Available are:
1. Svetllana 6550c quads at 9000/set [less 10% for Wiredstate members]
2. EH 300b pr at 12000 the pair
3. JJ 6922 at 900/pc
4. JJ kt 77 at 7000/quad
5. EH kt90 at 10000/quad
6. JJ kt88 at 10000/quad
7. Sovtek kt88 at 6000/quad
Since there is a limited supply, this will be first come first served basis.
Please called Raul at 811 04 28.
Thank you
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Re: FS: Cryogenically Treatred [CRyoset] Svet 6550C etc

Postby manilaman » Sun Jun 28, 2009 10:09 am

Sent you a text about the 6550 Svetlanas and the inquiry for the D125 hum.
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