Referrence 110 tube Power amp

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Referrence 110 tube Power amp

Postby sensible » Mon Jun 18, 2007 6:14 pm

We have one of the latest Audio Research products - the Ref 110 amp
which has earned very good reviews. Available is a black face unit selling at less 25% of the USA srp of $10,000.

Also in stock are: REF 3, REF cd7, VM 220, VS 110, VS 55, VSi 55, Ls 17, Sp 16, Sp 16L and PH 5

Arriving in a couple of weeks is the very latest ARC - the HD220 hybrid drive amp which utilizes the same input circuitry as the REF 3 and a new solid state output producing 220 w/c at 8 ohms, 350 at 4 ohms and 550 at 2 ohms. This unit has caused a stir abroad that we are lucky to be supplied with a few unit as the factory is swamped with orders.
Auditions with be available soon, watch for it.

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