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PostPosted: Sun Sep 24, 2006 10:55 pm
by sensible

The ABSOLUTE Sound this month has the Editor's Choices and the commentary on The Reference 3 is that it is the "best preamp available."

The Reference 210 monoblock amps 220w/c were previously reviewed with the Ref 3 and is also in the list.

While not yet reviewed the Phono Stage Ph-7 was included as the 'boss" of
phono stages. Most probably the review is forthcoming in the next TAS issue.

Maybe these did not make the list due to being quite new:

The new Reference 110 stereo amp 110w/c to be sure will get accolades.
The delivery is tuby and very dynamic, base is robust, soundstage and transparency is excellent and for the first time ARC has offered a stereo
reference amp at the attractive price of $9,995!

Equally surprising is the new "baby Ref 3," the LS-17 with only 2 6h30 tubes. This unit sounds just a hair line inferior to the REf 3 at the very
affordable price of only $3,995.

Over at Hi Fi news and Record Review, we find a rave review of the
Reference CD7 cd player.