Ingress/Egress Reminders for dealers

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Ingress/Egress Reminders for dealers

Postby detubo » Tue Nov 15, 2011 1:56 pm

Some reminders to make your ingress/egress move smoothly;
1.  Have your own push carts and movers.  the hotel will not allow you to use their trolleys or its people to help you move.  once you unload your gear at the docking bay, your vehicle should proceed to the reserve parking area near by.  do not leave your vehicle parked at the docking bay.
2.  All dealers ordering room service shall be cash or immediate payment basis.  you can not charge it to the room and settle later.
3.  All phones in the room will be disconnected.  Bring your cellphones
4.  You can not have people sleep over night at the exhibition rooms
5.  If you need internet connection in your room, Dusit Hotel can accommodate but i believe its P750/day.  You'll need to bring a LAN cable and a wireless router too.  its not wifi.
6.  Starting 6pm, Dusit Hotel and Nov Hifi Organizer will inspect the rooms for any damage.  If any damage is noted the dealer should settle with Dusit.  We will not allow the dealer to egress until all liabilities with the hotel are settled.
7.  No hanging of banners on the hotel wall or doors. They should be placed on a self supporting stand.
8. Egress time will be based on who is the first dealer out of the room and ready for pullout.
9. Dealer's are not allowed to be wearing shorts, sando, sandals, slippers. This applies also to your haulers/helpers during ingress and egress.
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