EMT Question: Why Are They So Expensive?

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Re: EMT Question: Why Are They So Expensive?

Postby joe3rp » Sat Jul 10, 2010 6:28 pm

My 2 cents
I recent “beautified” the industrial looking EMT after Setup2 fully restored it (together with 10” Ortofon Arm). With what Setup2 has learned about the EMTs…we designed an original enclosure/plinth to handle the mass and the vibration issues an EMT creates. Image
It also needed the front access door (with hydraulic closer) …for speed adjustment.
I was able to extensively A/B it with a Garrard 301 w/a vintage 10”arm, both tables loaded with Denon 103r. They were hooked up to all-tube SET gear together with a High resolution JBL Hartsfield 3 way monitor. I also had to modify the EMT/Ortofon arm to accept a standard headshell.
True the EMT is built/weights like a TANK, but if I were given the choice to choose between the two (EMT/Garrard) or any other turntable (modern/mega$)...it would still be a 301 for me. The simplicity of the Garrard to do its job is amazing …just like a perfect SUSHI, with minimal preparation and seasoning. The EMT with its awesome flywheel (heavily RIM weighed – resulting in very high moment of Inertia) would then be handicapped with its flimsy record mat/top/strobe. The speed control in my opinion is so “prehistoric” because it literally drags on the bearing/spindle resulting in heat/wear/sound. But I must admit I did not hear any sound/rumble thru my “full range” speakers. The Garrard has the non-conact magnetic speed control…simple and it works!
The sound of EMT and the Garrard EMT was very close ….full spectrum with a lot of dynamics and authority! I use duplicate LPs together my dual input Phono Stage to do the A/B listening.
But if I had the spare money or opportunity to own an EMT, It would be my #2 table …I definitely prefer it over a Thoren TD124. IMHO

Reasons why EMT expensive?
Heavy built - main-sub-platter very heavy
heavy duty - oversized bearing
huge motor is a quasi-3 phase industrial type
built in solid state phono stage with large power supply
high quality tonearm-included
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Re: EMT Question: Why Are They So Expensive?

Postby Squirrelnutzipper » Sat Jul 10, 2010 7:07 pm

egay wrote:then again, i wouldn't want to own one because i see that an owner has to have time to do maintenance works once it breaks down (as is true with other mechanical TTs you guys are on to - hats-off to you gents!)...

dana, would this be real with the porches you mentioned? i mean, yeah, good engineering but a pain to maintain? (i.e. in terms of the materials and effort, not on the costs)

I think that in some ways, the analogy is stretched. With the EMT, it is a highly purpose built piece of equipment that does things extraordinarily well in the broadcast booth. A lot of the engineering seems to be to address this use that may not really be applicable to us. I guess it would be like driving a race car on the street. On the track, its manners are great, but on the road, not as good, or wasted. On the issue of durability, I can tell you that the successive generations of air cooled 911s improved dramatically with updates to weak links such as chain tensoiners that drive the cams. The original triple throat Weber carbs gave way to mecahnical fuel injection that was extremely efficient and powerful, but expensive to repair and initially set up, but once done, reliable as hell for a long time. Then CIS and Motronic electronic systems took over later. Basically, the old 911s were pretty bulletproof and reliable, like the EMT I suppose, but when overhaul was needed, it could get costly, with the manual giving 40 plus hours to build the engine. I really do love the EMT for the same reasons that Chester and I am sure others do, but I am not too keen on paying a lot for one. Donations anyone? Rather, I like more obscure things like the Russco Mark V of which less than 1,000 were built, or a Fairchild 750 that I recently heard mounted in a custom Oswald Mills slate plinth.
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Re: EMT Question: Why Are They So Expensive?

Postby pigdog » Sat Jul 10, 2010 7:10 pm

EMts are not difficult to maintain. in fact its no more different than maintaining a garrard. and like most idler ttables it needs an occasional oil change and that would be only once a year. apart from that, i just clean it every now and then
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Re: EMT Question: Why Are They So Expensive?

Postby raffy » Sun Jul 11, 2010 5:50 am

To each his own I suppose. Owners all Thorens, Garrard, and EMT here could go on and on about which they prefer. To me there is a personal satisfaction of owning and playing such a beast in my home. Which is why my 401 has been with a friend and my 301 gb is somehwere in my storage. The debate could never end. Let's stick to the question instead of Dante...Why is it so expensive?

Look under the hood ;)

BTW joey that is the most "domesticated" EMT i have seen parang na Martha Stewart, regards
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Re: EMT Question: Why Are They So Expensive?

Postby polaris » Sun Jul 11, 2010 6:25 am

EXCLUSIVITY- out of production, rare.

MYSTIQUE- cult following generated buzz and intrigue.

PEDIGREE- built to last a lifetime or two.

as for sound- haven't heard one, so i can't say if the prices today are justified. but if the old experts are to be believed, it's not an all arounder but excels in certain areas few tables can match i.e. PRAT, macro dynamics.
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