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SD-6 Does Audio

Postby SD-6 » Mon Oct 06, 2014 9:45 pm

Got a bit bored with photography so got into audio again. Setup is as follows

Polk Audio Atrium 8SDI
Infinity PS212
Sonos Connect
QNAP NAS filled with FLAC & ALAC. Controlled by Sonos app on computer & smartphone. Had to go digital because of the convenience of playlist.

If anyone is selling their pre-owned Polk Audio Atrium 8SDI speakers & SVS SB12-NSD or know of the a reseller with the best prices please drop me a line. I need a few more to fill a room measuring 10m by 10m by 5m plus outdoors.

Will post photos once done.

I have older hardware that starts from the late 70s til the early 00s and will be posting them soon as I find them. So far I found Luxman R-3055 that still works with one channel that needs servicing. Hopefully it can be eyeballed by Sir Rene by next week.

In the dozen years I have been lurking on WS I am in awe of everyone's listening room may my most humble of setups be appreciated also.
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