Mark II's....before I get too far

Mark II's....before I get too far

Postby Backpacker85 » Tue Nov 26, 2013 11:14 am

I got a pair of Mark II's, a pair of PAM-1's and a DSC-1 with the intent to put them all back into operation. The original plan was to repair/replace parts "as necessary", but I'm now thinking about taking the Mark II's down to bare chassis and starting from scratch.

My first question (of what I'm sure will be many....) has to do with the driver boards. These have the early (large) boards, and appear to be in good shape physically, but a mish-mash of mixed components between the two. What I'm looking for is a component layout of these boards with original values. I thought about replacing the boards with new, but really would like to keep the original size and not use a filler plate.

I can find lots of details on the Mark-III boards, but nothing on these larger boards with a different component layouts.
All of the manuals/schematics I've found are for the smaller boards.

Am I being overly-optimistic thinking these can be rebuilt (or even replaced), or should I bite the bullet and go with new (smaller) boards?

Any help/insight would be greatly appreciated.
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