Help! Dynaco PAS3 Impendance Matching

Help! Dynaco PAS3 Impendance Matching

Postby kefq » Fri Sep 05, 2008 5:58 pm

Would appreciate your inputs if a PAS3 Preamp can be used with a SS Power Amp?

According to writeups the PAS3 is designed for power amps with high input impedance 100k above (mostly tubes). It will not work on SS Power Amps whose input impendance are usually below 100k (i.e 47k)

Any ideas?

Tried hooking up a PAS3 to a SS Power Amp and there were distortions.
The PAS3 worked ok when hooked up with a Tube Power Amp
while the Tube Power Amp worked fine when hooked with another pre-amp.

If I use 7025 tubes (low gain equivalent of 12AX7) as replacement would that resolve the impedance issue?

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