Fremer reviews the Transfiguration Proteus

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Fremer reviews the Transfiguration Proteus

Postby TheAnalogSource » Fri Oct 10, 2014 9:38 am

guy is funny is a quote from the article....

So here's Transfiguration's new top model, the Proteus ($6000), costing almost half again as much as the Phoenix. These days, $6000 for a cartridge is expensive, but not stupidly so. For me, stupid-expensive cartridges start at $10,000, though I know for a fact (I get the e-mails) that most buyers in that price range still end up thinking it was money smartly spent. Which is not to suggest that a cartridge priced $4000 below stupid level can't possibly compete with $10,000-and-up models—because the Proteus does. That was obvious on first listen.

if you have no time to read the whole article, here is the snippet of the conclusion....

Rather than cite more examples that demonstrate the Proteus's greatness with a laundry list of albums you might not have, let me just say that it excelled in every parameter I can think of, with no negatives I could find.
As is happening with loudspeakers, I think that with the latest generation of cartridges we're reaching a new high level of observationally linear cartridge performance in which the very best models sound more similar to than different from one another, and in which strong "tonal character" is more a deliberate choice than something unavoidable. In the case of the Transfiguration Proteus—a cartridge that gets so far out of the music's way that you might think it's out of reach—you can have it all for the reasonable, not at all stupid price of $6000.

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