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Rega Brio-R

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Hi everyone!

Now here is Rega Brio-R reviews and related videos.


A complete re-design of the Brio, The Rega Brio-R Integrated Amplifier simply out-classes other amplifiers in it's price range, and can even go toe-to-toe with it's much more expensive competition. "The Rega Brio-R sets the benchmark for an $1000 integrated amplifier and then some." -Jeff Dorgay, TONEaudio

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Rega's latest incarnation of the Brio amplifier offers substantial gains - even as it occupies a much smaller footprint.The design of the Brio–R encompasses all the requirements for a great amplifier: A substantial toroidal transformer, generous power supply components, rugged output stage, film capacitors in the signal path as well as all critical positions within the phono amplifier.

The Brio-R utilizes the highest quality components and our engineers' experience to achieve the best sonic performance, ensuring it is the most advanced and feature packed Brio to date. The new output stage, improved power supplies and a re-vamped phono stage. Developed by Rega engineers, the output amplifier is based around a matched pair of 150w Sanken Darlington output transistors. This combination closely emulates Class A conditions with good thermal stability and lower standing currents in the driver stage.

Rega also reviewed the circuit and improved the low and high current power supplies, coupling and bypass capacitors. The phono stage has also been altered to reflect the current improvements in the Rega Planar turntables. The input sensitivity has been increased, along with a revision of the sub-100Hz phono frequency response.

Brio Remote
A remote control has been added to the Brio-R without compromising the sonic design of the amplifier. By keeping the remote circuit separate to the audio circuit with it's own dedicated power supply, there is no direct contact between the micro-controller and the signal path. The micro-controller controls the relays whilst the volume control motor uses DC control voltages. Housed in a brand new custom case, the Brio-R draws on the pedigree of the previous three incarnations of this model. The front-panel controls are as simple as it gets: power on the left, volume on the right, and a button that toggles the five inputs. This ease of control, minimalist design, and jaw-dropping sound is the sonic recipe for the Brio-R. It embodies the best in traditional audio circuits with excellent engineering practice.


1. 50w RMS pc into 8W
2. 73w RMS pc into 4W
3. Remote control
4. 5 inputs
5. Rega brand new custom manufactured case.
6. Rega phono stage (Input 1)
7. Toroidal mains transformer
8. Sanken 150w output transistors
9. Dimensions: 3 1/8" h x 8 5/8" w x 13 5/8" d


Digital Audio, By: John Darko

What Hi-fi?


Other’s Reviews

Great integrated !! Sounds great with lots of detail and smooth, non-digital sound, I have them paired with a Rega RP1 and Rega RS3 speakers.

I had this on loan while my Arcam AVR350 was being repaired. For stereo sound it completely embarrased the Arcam. Warmer sound with lots of crisp bass and drums. Excellent detaill and resolution. Seems much more powerful than rated.excellent phonostage. Hated to give it back.

Of the 24 hours since I bought my Rega Brio-R... It has been on at 25% or better for at least 17 of those hours! I started off with my Klipsch B-20's and felt there was more there, so I hooked up my RF62's instead. It just keeps getting better. Even playing 192kbps MP3's over an airport express - the sound practically brings tears to my eyes. In particular The Gravedigger's Song - Mark Lanegan has transcended to another level of listening pleasure.

The only bad thing about the Rega Brio-R is that it has a remote.... because I keep grabbing the thing and cranking it louder and louder. It just sounds awesome!

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Rega Brio-R - An Overview by

Product Video is produced by Steve Daniels of "The Sound Org" USA

Till next! More upcoming video’s and reviews...

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